The Anatomy of a Great RAID Data Recovery

When your RAID goes down, so does your business. This means that you will do just about anything to get back up and running. Unfortunately for you and your data, the quickest methods of rebuilding a RAID are far from the safest. A great RAID recovery has a few elements that allow your technician to safely recover your data.

Recoveries should always be done from copies. When rebuilding a RAID it is difficult to guarantee that no changes will be made to the drives. This is completely impossible when plugging the drives back into the RAID controller. If this is done with the only copy, it is impossible to go back if any damage is done. The number one reason RAID’s are not fully recoverable is because the RAID was rebuilt with the original set of drives.

Recoveries should have an option other than rebuilding from the RAID controller. Many technicians simply force a RAID back online and hope for the best. We’ve already outlined why this isn’t the best idea, but it is also a procedure doomed to failure if too many drives have failed or if it is the controller itself that has failed. In these cases, recovery is still possible through other means. A recovery expert will have the tools available to recover your data even without the RAID controller.

Your technician will be ready to take the time required to complete your recovery. You want to get up and running again, and many companies are ready to promise you a quick turn around. However, if your technician gives up once the first attempt does not go according to plan, then you may be walking away from recoverable data. Instead, your recovery professional should work with a sense of urgency, but still be ready to take the time to ensure you get the best data set possible.

While these three elements may not always be the fastest way to get your data back, it is the safest. While a quick fix may get your business running faster, is it worth the expense of losing everything? Before a technician touches your RAID, make sure they are ready to take all three of these steps. If not, find someone who can. Once the immediate crisis has passed, make sure you put a solid backup solution in place to prevent this from occurring again.

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