15 Ways to Start Simplifying Life


I think Fridays I will set aside some time to cover the other IF of the IF Life focus, the “Instant Freedom” that comes from simplicity in pursuing happiness, health, or whatever you choose in life. I have been a big fan of simplicity for many years and have found it to be a great lifestyle choice. Remember that our lifestyle also has a huge impact on our health, so it is important to focus on.

Below are just a few ways to start (this weekend!) and apply to your lifestyle. You may find that freedom that comes from becoming less attached to things (or needing more things) and finding appreciation for what you have. You really have everything you need to be happy right now, but it is all in your perspective.

Hopefully some of this you will be able to apply to your life and experience the freedom and happiness that comes along with simplicity in your life. Please feel free to share any other ideas in the comments below as well. A great essential and easy to read book on all this is The Simplicity Reader by Elaine St James.

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