The 3 Meal Per Day Solution?

Could your weight loss troubles be fixed by such a simple outlook? Could this actually replace all diet plans out there?

The idea came to me over the weekend when focusing on the mainstream mindset when it comes to eating.

Simple weight loss fact: if we eat less overall we have the potential to lose weight. I know…so revolutionary! (sarcastically speaking) But yet this simple wisdom is overlooked by many, why is that?

Diets come out with their complex and unenjoyable (for many) eating plans to keep you eating less. That is their “secret” to success.

Whether it be from making you nibble all day long on tiny meals, take away all responsibility for you to choose how to eat, or try and prevent overeating from excess hunger (stable blood sugar, chewing all day)….it is still about eating less.

So where are the real calorie issues for many? Is it their regular meals…or everything else in between? Look around at all the sugar loaded/high calorie coffee drinks, candy bars, chips, and all the other 100s of snack items that take up rows upon rows of supermarket space.

Where are all the metabolically destructive chemicals really coming from? (such as all the HFCS in processed snacks/drinks that are compromising your liver function, which is a key fat burning organ!)

What if we just got rid of the mindless snacking all together, and ate just 3 meals a day. How many calories could we really save ourselves from overeating on?

Heck I know clients who have stalled on weight loss because of too much snacking, even on healthy foods like nuts (which are high in calories…and will take you out of a calorie deficit state very easily if not kept in check).

It is a simple answer, but could it really work? Perhaps.

What about dessert? Sure, when you have it after dinner. Chances are your portions will be much smaller anyways after a full meal (and you are not going through a pint of Ben and Jerry’s).

What to eat each meal? Your choice. Of course we want to eat “healthy” foods, but how and what you eat is up to you (how is that for flexible weight loss planning?).

Here is the built-in wisdom too, what you eat has to sustain your energy levels until the next meal (because there is NO more snacking). You have a full day and 3 meals spread out in whatever fashion you decide.

You don’t need any complex testing or blood work to determine your metabolic type, ┬ájust listen to your body and learn from it.

So if you eat something, only to have your energy levels come crashing down a couple hours later…well then you know you ate the wrong kind of meal and can adjust for next time. Or if you eat way too much than you should have, you will know that too.

For example, if eating a carb heavy meal like pancakes can’t keep you awake between breakfast and lunch….you need to rethink your eating plan (and maybe go for eggs and fruit instead).

Imagine the wisdom you will impart on yourself just by allowing your own body to react to food and learn from it. All without ever needing more “snacks”.

Of course I don’t know the calorie loads each person is capable of eating each meal, but guess what….add in a few IF days each week and I am sure you will have a calorie deficit state long-term for steady weight loss!

Just a thought….and maybe something you will want to try in your life to just learn more about your body and the right food choices for you (and help your kids learn this lesson too!).

Bonus: think of how much money you can save too! (as snack expenses can add up very quickly day after day!)

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