30 Things To Buy Other Than A New Treadmill

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It is that time of year, when the gyms and sports/fitness stores are all excited. This is the time of year right after New Years in which people come out to spend money on something to help them lose that weight finally!

I’ve seen it over and over again having worked in this industry for well over a decade. All the best intentions in the world, open wallets and sadly eventual burnout. A cycle that is repeated yearly by people over and over again.

I suggest a different mindset this year. Instead of spending $1000s on some new fancy machine to put in your home to “motivate” you (or spending big bucks for gym memberships or DVD workouts), focus on your lifestyle first.

Be Active, Eat Better

I’ve always believed that “cardio” (or aerbobic exercise) should not be your main priority in losing weight.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be “active” (as you should), just do it more in a fun lifestyle way…as I’ve never seen anyone smile at the gym running or biking in place.

You should also prioritize weight loss through your diet, and one of the biggest weapons there is to create a lifestyle where you are cooking (and controlling) most of your meals.

Of course I also encourage simple resistance training with body-weight or other simple equipment (bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, etc), but this is about other lifestyle changes that can make a big difference.

So instead of a new treadmill…here are 30 other things (in no particular order) you can go spend your money on that will hopefully keep you active, eating right and more importantly part of a lasting lifestyle solution you enjoy!

  1. New hiking shoes (or some barefoot style ones to walk in)
  2. Dancing lessons (any kind you like…even “breakdancing”)
  3. Season pass to a local, state or national park
  4. Kayak or canoe
  5. Dog and walking leash
  6. Monthly CSA subscription (for local veggies and meats)
  7. Basketball (headband optional)
  8. Martial arts lessons
  9. Frisbee (or set for disc golf)
  10. Tennis racquet and balls (headband not optional)
  11. Bike (street, mountain, BMX, new, used….or heck even a Trikke)
  12. Surf-board or paddle-board (stand up)
  13. Coffee travel mug (to walk with vs sit around inside)
  14. Good coffee to go with mug above (and don’t forget some coconut oil to put in it)
  15. Pass for indoor rock climbing facility (or go climb outside if you know how)
  16. Cooking lessons
  17. Volleyball net and ball
  18. Backpack (then use it)
  19. Scuba lessons
  20. Snow skis (downhill/cross-country) or snowboard
  21. Jump-rope (only get good at stuff you practice)
  22. Fishing rod (to just be outside…like fly fishing)
  23. Registration for the popular 5k obstacle mud runs or even a zombie run (seriously, who doesn’t want to be chased by zombies?)
  24. Trail map and compass (go get lost in a good way)
  25. Crock-pot (for easy “real food” cooking)
  26. Kite (hey…why not? Better graphics than video games)
  27. Warm thermal/cold wear (layer up…no excuses, aka “suck it up”)
  28. Ice skates (and a hockey stick…I’m biased on this one)
  29. Snow shoes (for my Northern friends to get around in)
  30. Juicer (easy way to get in those fruits and vegetables…Jack LaLanne would approve)

These are just a few suggestions as there are many other activities or ways to just go be active (or go “play”) in life. Do it solo or with others, however you enjoy.

Lead By Example

Eat more “real foods” cooked at home for you/your family, as a lean and healthy lifestyle really starts there.

Lead by example, no need to preach. You will inspire others to do something once they see your own results (whether it be weight loss or just being happier/healthier).

It doesn’t need to be extreme or excessive (that’s more marketing).  A simple active lifestyle adds up and you get the benefits from the sum of all the things you do over time.

“If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise” ~ Anonymous (Click to Tweet)

Spend less time watching TV or surfing the web. Go outside to relax your mind and engage your body. You have the time, just need to manage it.

Take a short digital break/fast and go old school (analog). Leave the cell phone and iPods at home and take in the full experience of what you do. Reconnect with people around you, the community, your family/friends, get back to nature and most importantly yourself.

Go at your own pace. Sprint, walk, stop, jump, climb, play, be still, look around, and talk to people. That is what life is about.

When you are doing what you love to do day in and out, you will no longer need all those motivational posters or slogans….or a new treadmill.

So what are you going to get this year?

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