The IF Life was founded in 2008 by “2 Meal Mike” (I know corny name, but I’m not in it for the fame and glory).

Mike has been a personal trainer and health/fitness coach (for over 10 years), as well as a professional blogger/writer. Mike is also the author of the 2 Meal Solution.

The IF Life is dedicated to bringing you the simple truths about weight loss, eating, exercise and other factors for your healthy lifestyle. The IF Life site/programs have been featured on many other top websites and articles have been read by millions over the years.

Note: Please do NOT contact me to promote your product/website, do a guest post here, buy link/ad space or anything else that is unsolicited. It will be vaporized from my inbox.

Contact Info

Twitter: @2MealMike

Facebook: /2MealMike

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