Are You Really as Free as Can Be?

Everyone likes to talk about “freedom”, but what does that really mean to us daily? Do we really experience as much freedom as we can?

Well here are some of my quick thoughts on the subject. I never claim to have all the answers, but hoping this might inspire you to take some time, sit back and find your own.

Here’s part of the definition of “freedom” from Websters (online):

1 : the quality or state of being free: as a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence c : the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous <freedom from care>

So what do I think? Well I think I could sum it up as in my life as….

Looking that the first part about needing dependency, well one of course we could say most people in modern society need daily electricity, gas, water, car, a job (to pay for these things), etc. So unless you are going to live in a cabin in the woods and fend for yourself (if you want to, I say go for it though), most of us will always be dependent on someone else to provide this for us.

In a sense because of that, we are never 100% free…but so far we seem to be doing OK with this sense of dependency (although I believe you can always increase your freedom in this area with a simpler lifestyle, becoming less dependent on making and spending money goes a long way).

Your Health and Freedom

Another big dependency we see nowadays is with medical care. People are relying on someone else to keep them healthy day after day. This is also not being 100% free.

While using medical care for “emergency” uses is something we may need on occasion (example: breaking a leg), the people who are becoming dependent on a daily basis are the ones in trouble.

What happens if/when medical costs go up? Or maybe you lose your insurance because of a job change? If you have been dependent on daily medical care (including drugs), then there may come a time where that will be an issue for you to maintain.

There are plenty of businesses and corporations who want you to be dependent on them for your daily health (for profit), and will tell you it is just the “natural” thing to do.

But there goes another definition of freedom, as you become attached to what another group wants…and they have the control over you to do as they please (like hike up prices for services/drugs). You can protest and complain all you like but if you can’t just walk away from it, then you are not really free are you?

“When government accepts responsibility for people, then people no longer take responsibility for themselves.” ~ George Pataki

Sadly in modern times we see a health care system failing, overwhelmed and going bankrupt. This is not good news for those who are dependent on it.

Another thing I was recently reading about is scientists talking about how ineffective antibiotics is becoming and how “superbugs” (resistant to any medications) can become a bigger issue in the upcoming year(s).

While this may frighten some, it should also be used as a wake-up call now that there may come a time when your immune system will be tested, and medicine may not be there to bail you out.

So What Can You Do?

Ghandi said it best

Be the change you want to see in the world

Start with your own life to make these changes, and then you can inspire and help others around you to do the same. Help others learn how to take care of themselves. Whether through improving their diet, making time to get some fun exercise in, and/or just simplifying life to focus on what is really important.

I believe that becoming independently healthy (as you can be) should be a top priority for everyone. Taking back control for ourselves, before it becomes too late.

Doing such things as intermittent fasting, eating real foods and daily exercise, I want to ensure my body/immune system gets stronger from the inside-out and can fend for itself (as the body responds to short/smaller stress and builds from it).

If we really want to be free, it all starts from within (as the IF in the IF life can also stand for “internal freedom”). There will always be people “wanting” us to be dependent on them (diet/supplement industry, pharmaceutical companies, etc), but if we can just smile and walk away…then we are really free.

So just ask yourself what you can start doing today to increasingly free yourself…then go do it.

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