Video Rountable – Storing Fat, Barefoot Running, Ab Workouts, Big Lies, Suspension Trainer

Here’s some quick links to some interesting videos on different topic including a basic one for how fat is stored/burned, a good visual on the difference between running “barefoot” and with running shoes, a simple ab workout (and shoulder routine at the end), big lies in nutrition and a homemade suspension trainer. Enjoy!

How Fat is Stored

Thanks to Marks Daily Apple for pointing this one out (video from the movie Fat Head)

Barefoot vs Shoe Running Video

Thanks to Physical Living for pointing this one out.

The “Commercial Break” Ab Workout

I call this the “commercial break” because you can do it while you are watching TV and during commercials! No excuses!!

Video from Steve Maxwell.

The Big Fat Lies

Here’s a short video that shows how we got to the whole “fat is evil” belief in the first place. Also take note in the beginning how it talks about how short we have had grains (and vegetable oils) in our evolutionary timeframe. Try and ditch the grains as much as possible, you will be better off if you do it.

Thanks to Zen to Fitness for pointing this out (which is also from the same movie Fat Head from the 1st clip above)

Homemade Suspension Trainer

For those who are handy (and can tie sturdy knots), here is a way to make your own suspension trainer to use. If you are not that handy, we do recommend the Jungle Gym from Lifeline as the most inexpensive+sturdy product out there.

and Ross shows us how to put them to use (heavy metal music free of charge)

Thanks to Ross Training for showing this (and FS reader Kujo for pointing it out to us in the comments)

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