Beat the Flu for $4 a Month.

An apple a day....

An apple a day....

Ok, tis the season for everyone to start hacking and coughing and come down with something. Of course the best course of action is to never get sick in the first place…..but sometimes it happens. One thing to keep in mind, is that you never really “catch” a cold. Viruses and bacteria are everywhere….they are out there…in the air, on doorknobs, everywhere people are. So to say that you catch anything is silly because you are constantly being exposed to things. What really is happening is when you get sick, your body loses the battle to control the amount of bacteria infection inside of you and then it has to take more drastic actions (get a fever, create mucus, etc).

No one is perfect, not even me (sigh….gasp….I know!). Sometimes we all need a solid reminder to not take things for granted and think we are so “indestructible”. We never know how good our state health really is, until it is gone. So that being said….I have the 5 top ways your doctor won’t tell you on how to keep healthy (or beat the flu) this season while everyone else is walking around with a box of Kleenex and doped up on NyQuil. I’m skipping over the boring stuff like “exercise”, “eat healthy real foods”, “avoid sugar”, “getting plenty of sleep”, and “reducing stress”….because we already know those work right? So here’s some other stuff:

There you have it……prevention is daily. So you can either spend $4 a day to keep healthy……or $100s in doctor bills….it’s your choice.

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