Fitness Awards for Excellence and Innovation

Disclaimer: This post originally was published on April 1st (aka April Fools Day). So before you think we went crazy, just remember we are having some fun. So sit back and enjoy the sarcasm.

We here at Fitness Spotlight like to highlight what we consider the best of the best, revolutionary and most effective products out there on the market today for all things health and fitness. Here are our top picks for 2010!

The Best Fitness Equipment

…and the award goes to…(opening envelope)…oh we knew it could be no other….the Shake Weight!

What person wouldn’t want to be seen in public with such defined arms shaking this NASA-like contraption.

In only 6 minutes a day, you can look just like all those super slim and fit models they hired for the infomercial.

With such big scientific words as “dynamic inertia”, you feel comforted that someone who appears to know what they are talking about designed it…but we really still don’t know what the heck it means.

We can’t do it justice enough, so you can see more about it on their commercial for women here…..and oh yes, they also have the shake weight for men here too. Sweet!

The Best Weight Loss Footwear

…and the award goes to…(opening envelope)…the shoe we all have at home…the Shape Ups!

We all are sick of walking everywhere…like to the bathroom or refrigerator, but what if we could also find a way to sculpt our abs and butt while doing it?

Well “rock and roll” is here to stay! Nothing works your abs and glutes like feeling off balance all day long. You can finally stumble in public like a drunk person or drop groceries walking from the car, all while knowing what a great set of six pack abs you will soon have!

The Best Food Diet Plan

…and the award goes to…(opening envelope)…and who doesn’t love…the Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet!

Who would have thought that you could finally go on a diet without ever leaving your car?

Now you can order something off the menu that will….Ummmmm….not sure what it does specifically but is at least 100 calories less than something else on there. Or it could be magical tacos…I’ve heard about those legends before.

No way will Burger King, McDonald’s or any other fast food restaurant be able to duplicate this nutritional break-thru without spending millions in research (which I am sure Taco Bell did).

The Best At Home Workout

…and the award goes to…(opening envelope)…standing on a plastic board…I mean the Wii Fit!

Aren’t you afraid of letting your kid outside for fear of all those kidnappers, shark attacks and killer bees? Well fear no more! Now keep your kids inside without feeling guilty or having them to experience the awkwardness of meeting new people.

Now your kids (and you too) can play games that look almost like it is real…except with lower quality graphics and sometimes contains people that have no arms or legs.

Try golf, bowling, tennis, yoga or many other activities without ever having to breath fresh air. Check out the video below to experience more of what the Wii fit has to offer…and like they say “nothing says fun to kids like graphs and charts”. I agree 142%!

The Best Quick Weight Loss Supplement

…and the award goes to…(opening envelope)…it comes from another continent and uses fake blogs to promote it….the Acai Berry!

Deep from the deepest jungles of….Ummm…somewhere, there lies the secret to long life and weight loss as proven by….well the ad says so, so it must be true.

It only seems natural that this berry is so magical, it has to be from a forbidden rain forest for it to work…like the gold at the end of the rainbow, or the fountain of youth.

With such great marketing strategies like fake weight loss blogs, fake news sites, fake testimonials, and other fake websites to promote their product, how could you not want to get some? In fact, if you look down in the comments below we may be lucky enough to have a drive-by spammer who praises this article for Acai berry and links to a great fake site! Oh how lucky we will be.

Now don’t forget to get that “free” trial bottle and enjoy the ongoing monthly payments of $79 that was in the fine print. A small price to pay for a magical berry I say!

The Best Fitness Magazine

…and the award goes to…(opening envelope)…it was a close one…Men’s Health!

Aren’t we all sick of hearing “eat more and move less”….oh wait, or is it “eat less and move more”? Well whatever it is, we are sick of it.

We love our 100s of fitness magazines with new and distracting articles each month to keep us hopping around trying new things all the time. I mean who wants something simple for consistent results? Borrrrrrring!

It was hard to pick which magazine would be the best, as they all have the same 25 pages of cologne ads, 40 pages of ads for clothes, another 30 pages of supplement ads...and in between all those ads at least 20 pages of print on something.

But Men’s Health takes the cake with their brilliant marketing covers. It works so well to sell more magazines, that they keep using the same exact words over and over again on their covers year after year. Brilliant I say!

Because most readers are still looking for six pack abs month after month, so it only makes sense to keep talking about it.

Our Last and Most Important Announcement

For those that made it this far without hitting the “delete” or “unsubscribe” button, we would like to say the following…

April Fools!

Yes, it is that time of the year again where it appears we have lost our minds…and had to pull a fast one on April 1st. If you are new and actually agree with all the awards above, well then you probably won’t like all the other articles we write around here.

So…if you want our real opinions on the things above, here are the quick points:

Hope you enjoyed. If you have any of your own “awards” you want to add, feel free to list down below. You can also check out last year’s April Fools post on our ways to get ripped abs in just 2 weeks here.

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