Bodyweight Exercises Workout Challenge

Day 5 of our 30 day challenge is already here. My how time does fly (well maybe not for all especially since we took coffee off the list). Great job everyone who is sticking with it, and don’t worry in phase II we will let you start to work foods/drinks back in again (that includes coffee, after all we are not sadists here!). The benefit about routinely cycling off things like caffeine for a bit, is it should increase your sensitivity when you go back to it (so you will need less than before). Also you are proving right now to yourself how strong you really are mentally!

Today we are laying out a bodyweight exercises workout challenge for you to accomplish at some point this weekend.

Exercise Should Not be Seen as Such a Task

In our time management exercise on Day 3, we talked about making time for daily exercise. I know everyone has different schedules in life, but the one thing we shouldn’t think is that a fitness program has to be complicated or time consuming. It doesn’t! Daily movement can come with just simple steps and you don’t need an expensive gym to be able to challenge your muscles. In fact you can get a great workout in your own home in as little as 15min a day!


Do you actually dread trying to make time to exercise? Are you overcomplicating your plan? It shouldn't be a burden on you, it should be enjoyable.

Remember that there are many benefits to exercising/moving daily including better glucose management (blood sugar), reduction of disease risks, lowered fasting insulin (the biggest marker in health), keeping your muscles (use it or lose it afterall…which are also your fat burning factories), better moods, stress reduction, and the list goes on and on.

Proper strength training will also build strong muscles (not necessarily huge ones, so don’t worry if that is not your goal), help you look more defined and raise your resting energy expenditure (burn more calories).

Using Your Own Bodyweight

Who said you need an expensive gym? You have nature’s gym with you at all times, your own body!

Many people are healthy and fit just using bodyweight movements and exercises. Look at many martial artists, gymnasts, military, and others who may not have access to equipment and still can make do.

All it takes is a plan of action, and then making it happen. So I’m giving you the challenge, but are you going to take action on it?

The Workout Challenge


Seriously, how awesome is this picture of a group of people doing burpees outside. It gets me a little pumped and makes me want to go join them!

This is the challenge I am throwing down, and see if you can come thru for me. I understand that people are of different levels of ability, and all I ask is that you just do your best and report back.

The Challenge:

Remember to scale for your needs and ability (it’s about being smart and safe too). Beginner squats can be done by getting up and down out of a chair, or even using something to hold on to for balance (without chair). Pushups can be done at an angle for easier use (like leaning against a higher step on the staircase or side/back of couch). Keep your movements in control and challenge yourself to how much you can do in 15 min.

This is just a basic and very simple setup, but keep that in mind when you think you don’t have time for a workout (or have to always get to the gym for one). Doing this simple progression 2-3x a week may give the added boost you need to burn some extra fat. You can add in more advanced programming with resistance bands, bodyweight straps/rings, pullup bar, and even a set of dummbells/kettlebells. I’ll have more advanced challenges coming soon.

But for now….you have as many times as you want to try this challenge over the weekend. Come back and report how well you did and let’s see those impressive scores that I know are out there!

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