101 Little F’n Victories

The Art Of Winning Your Day


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Little F’n Intro

What the F?

It’s All Been F’n Said before

I’m not going to pretend anything here is new or hasn’t been said 1000 times before.

I can’t count how many “motivation” books, videos or seminars (on tape…yes I’m that old) I have read/listened to over the years.

All the while keeping myself preoccupied with learning some new “secret” or “hack”. But it always comes down to the same basic knowledge.

What I am trying to do now is cut out all the noise and hype, and just give simple points to reflect on one at a time.

Just the info you need without all the fluff to fill pages.

In the end, find what works for you.

Find what will keep you focused and consistent.

Time to let all those little f’n victories add up.

What’s Your F’n Story?

What kind of world do you want to live in?

What kind of profession do you want to work in?

What kind of hobbies and activities do you want to do?

Your reality is your perception

You are what you think about. WHere your attention goes.

You can control it, or have others control it for you.

You are in control what people, information and ideas you focus on and surround yourself with.

Success and happiness is an inside job. Always has been.

Placebo and Nocebo

I am…I will…..

Nothing is lack, just your focus

Change….control your story. It’s always been yours to control.

Change your story and you change your life.

It’s never too late

Change your story and you change your life!

The Real F’n Secret

Are you ready for the big secret of successful people?

Here it is!

They know what they want

They take focused actions towards that goal

They repeat and have patience

Make your check or money order for $49.99 to………

But really, that is the main lesson being said in most every “motivational” or “success” book/video there is.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Never said that.

What it does take is a person to define and focus on what is really important, continual practice of taking steps and patience.

“Where your focus goes….your energy flows” (some zen guy}.

So this book is here to help you focus on one small thing at a time. Which in turn will help reprogram your own brain and create a new “reality” for you.

A winning reality.

Take Back F’n Control

Control what you can ad Let go of the rest.

Stoic philosophy

It’s all how you react

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it

Create your own version of reality (perception)

Let success find you, don’t chase it. Success is what you become.

Work on yourself

Only You vs You (mentally)

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

– Marcus Aurelius

All Your F’n Choice

Make every day a choice.

Take ownership of your life

Start over any time you feel like it.

Time to let go of the past/fears/anxiety and focus on what you can control

Only a victim to your own mind (placebo vs nocebo)

Life is how we react to it. Reality is perception.

Only you can control your own thoughts and change your story. No one else.

Take responsibility for your own mind, thoughts and emotions.

No one left to blame

Not a victim.

Turn off the f’n news. Get off endless internet/social media scrolling.

Stop giving away the power of your own mind and thoughts.

Say No to things you don’t want.

Act not react

Nothing is lacking but your focus on what matters.

Wake up and see the reality. No one left to blame but yourself. 100% personal responsibility for your mindset.

Reprogram Your F’n Brain

You wire your brain based on what you think daily.

You need to focus on important stuff.

You become what you focus on.

Nuke the rest (distractions).

Your brain reacts to your programming (subconscious or conscious)

Winning often cahnges your mood/personality over time

Brain learns when resting, like a muscle grows outside a gym

Repition is the key to creating more efficient neural pathways and habits

New habits are new programs

Get rid of the viruses already downloaded

You become what you think. Thoughts drive emotions. Emotions drive actions. Actions make your life.

Dopamine detox. Reset. Get hits from what matters to you not reacting to other people’s goals

Master skills that matter!

Work on yourself. Be better.


Stuff goes here about reward and motivation


Multi-tasking is a myth. An illusion of the ego.

It’s rapid single tasking.

Gives the illusion of doing more things. Dopamine hit. When you are just doing many things poorly.

Industries cater to the idea of multitasking (or rapid single tasking). Dopamine hits to creat sn addict.

Master the art of single tasking

Only way to master anything is to practice it.

What I do is get a small pad of paper and write down 1 thing (or use notecards).

Forget the long to do lists.

Write down one thing. Do it. Toss out the paper. Enjoy your victory.

The brain can only focus on one thing at a time. It just switches that focus around.

Say you pointed a flashlight in a dark room on one spot. You would see it pretty clearly.

Now take that flashlight and move it all around quickly. Do you really get much accomplished in seeing what is in the room?

Our ego loves to think it’s being productive with more stuff, but it’s really just being more distracted.

Laser F’n Focus

Now here comes the most important part, knowing what you really want to accomplish.

Most people never really get past this step.

What small step can you take to get you in that direction?

Now master the act of taking that step and enjoying the feeling of going forward.

Don’t focus on a finish line you need to get to as quickly as possible.

Focus on taking the action as success, not the outcome.

Do things that in a year or two from now you are happy you did.

Clear vision. Vision board. Write it down. Look at it daily.

Repetition Is F’n Key

Create new neural pathways

Create a better mood

Your cells react to your environment

Make success easy

Praxtice makes perfect

Which do you think works better?

A basketball player shooting balls for 10 min every day, or only doing it once a month for 5 hours?

Stephen King writes every day.

Brain learns during the breaks

Retrain your subconscuious and focus. Positive affirmations

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” ~ Bruce Lee

Celebrate Each F’n Step

Write it down. Vision board. Repeat it.

Index card strategy


WHere your attention and energy goes is the only thing you need to master.

To master your own mind is the greatest superpower you could give yourself

Win The F’n Day

Every day is a new day quote Calvin and Hobbes

Start off the day with a victory

It’s something you have complete control over.

Take the win and enjoy it.

101 LFVs

Choose only a couple to master at one time.

  1. Make your bed
    Something else goes here
  2. Do 5 puhups
  3. Go for a 1 min walk outside
  4. Drink a glass of water
  5. Read one page
  6. Write one page
  7. Watch a quick video
  8. Sit still and do nothing
  9. Don’t look at your phone for 30 min
  10. Make one sales call/email
  11. Call a friend
  12. Pick up a piece of trash


Little F’n Victories Add Up

You are the sum of the steps you take

Have patience. Slow down.

Enjoy the journey

No one runs a marathon all at once.

Redefine success as taking action

One brick at a time

Don’t Break the F’n Chain

Seinfeld had a saying

Be accountable

Little f’n vistories become BIG f’n victories over time.