Break Free from Quick Weight Loss Diets and Yo-Yo Weight Struggles.

You are now entering a No-Diet Zone. Enjoy!

You are now entering a No-Diet Zone. Enjoy!

“Diet” is a 4 letter word. I’ve always said that if it is something that I would not be able to do personally, then there is no way I could tell other people to do it. I’ve tried it all. Eating 6x a day, carrying around plastic containers of foods, having coolers filled with protein shakes, carrying bars on airplanes to eat. You name it, I’ve done it. In the end, none of it was anything that I enjoyed or wanted to do for a lifetime.

When it comes to losing weight, we really need to be focused less on quick fix diets and more on lasting lifestyle changes. That’s hard to remember considering the media’s love for showing off quick weight loss. Also the “diet” niche is a huge industry with plenty of companies relying on people spending money for that quick fix.

What all of this is failing to do is provide a lasting solution. Most people would rather focus on how much they can lose in 4 weeks, rather than wonder if they had actually made lasting changes 6 months ago where would they be now. The media, while it loves to show people who lose the weight, never follow up and show those same people years later who just put it all back on and more (Oprah?). A yo-yo dieter is actually going to have a harder time in the long run with more fat storage and a less optimized fat burning metabolism.

So along comes my vision, to help people “Break Free” from all the myths, confusion, and complexity of trying to lose weight. Diet companies are not going to like me as I want lasting results for you without complicated (or expensive) solutions. I want you to be able to live your life and not be:

I started this message a while ago with the formation of my IF Life blog, when I believed in IF as a realistic way people could get health and results long term. Now I am finally finished up (yes it is DONE! Finally I know!) with an ebook to help people on their daily journey. It’s taken me over 8+ months to complete (with notes from years of personal research and experience), has gone through 3 big revisions, and now I finally have a product that I am very proud to put my name on. The FREEĀ  “IF Life Revolution” ebook is here to:

It’s a message I believe strongly in and will continue to promote to the mainstream hopefully now on a bigger level.

It’s my hope that the message will continue to spread and people can enjoy the freedom and enjoyment that I have come to find with IF and eating the right way.

It’s time people stopped all the complicated/expensive solutions, get back to the basics that work and “Break Free” from ever needing another diet book again!
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