Edna Lived to 115 and Loved Meat & Fat!

I wanted to share this great little summary on the life of Edna Parker who recently passed away at the young age of 115!! Incredible. What was great about the article was the following quote:

Last year, Parker helped Guinness record another feat when she met another super-centenarian, then-113-year-old Bertha Fry of Muncie, Ind. The meeting took place at Parker’s nursing home a few days after her 114th birthday. A Guinness representative on hand to witness the event said their combined age of 227 was “the highest aggregate age of two people meeting each other.”

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels commended the two women, who both grew up on small Indiana farms, became schoolteachers and ate a lot of meat and starch over the course of their exceptionally long lives. Parker especially enjoyed eggs, sausage, bacon and fried chicken. “I guess we’ll have to rethink lard,” Daniels quipped after hearing about her high-fat diet.

Here’s 2 centurians who loved their meat and fat (along with some starches, my guess it was predominantly vegetable based mostly from corn and/or potatoes….since they grew up on farms). What you probably do NOT find is high amounts of sugar, processed foods or cooking with vegetable oils. Lard and butter were probably used the most for cooking and not vegetable oil based fats. Again this is just an educated guess seeing the quote above lard and thinking about living on a farm.

Wonderful stuff. Moral of the story….meat doesn’t give you heart disease, fat (stable cooking fat like the sat fat in lard/butter) is good, and sugary/processed foods & drinks are not present in most people’s diet who live long and healthy. I’m sure she also kept an active lifestyle as much as she could while also not excessively overeating. Maybe it’s time we all go back to farm living! Ok maybe not going to happen but at least we can imagine we are.

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