Who Needs an Expensive Gym to get Strong and Ripped?

Do you think you really need the most advanced gym equipment to build big muscles? Do you think you need expensive supplements and fat burners to get ripped and in shape? Are you spending $100s a month and getting nowhere?

Well who ever said that you needed that gym membership or supplements to get results anyways? (I mean besides all the gyms and supplement companies) I am always inspired to see people who don’t need all the fancy stuff and still are strong and healthy. In fact, there are many out there who may not go to a gym and yet are functionally stronger than any person with $1000s of fancy equipment.

So if you think you are needing a gym or something else fancy to start getting in shape….well I present to you a series of videos for your inspiration. Maybe all you need is some motivation to go workout at home (or even outside) on a consistent basis. Whatever your fitness level may be, just go challenge your muscles and they will respond in a positive manner. (plus want to burn more fat, then have more muscle….as muscle is a fat burning factory!)

WARNING: Music and Language in videos below may be offensive and not suitable for work or kids….I am not responsible for it…so when in doubt just turn the sound down or off!

Note for RSS/email subscribers: if you are not able to view the videos then you can see them at the website by clicking here.

So there you have it. You don’t need fancy equipment to do pullups, pushups, dips, lunges, 1 legged squats or anything else. Even if you can not do the advanced movements seen above, you can do modified bodyweight movements and increased your own strength daily.

Maybe it’s all the complex choices and machines that are confusing you in the first place. Maybe it’s all those isolation exercises that are really doing nothing on the hormonal level to build muscle and burn fat. Whatever the case may be, the main message is: don’t use the excuse of not having access to a gym to stop you from doing something. Take control now and just get out there and make it happen one way or another!

Coming Soon: How to Scalable and Simple Bodyweight Workouts for at Home/Travel/Outside with minimal equipment….the bodyweight revolution is coming….

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