Get Fit and Be Happy with “Little Victories”!

Here it is a Friday morning and I was planning on releasing some breafast/heart disease article (it will come out next week instead), but inspiration hit on another more “fun” topic. So here it goes.

I woke up this morning to see it was 20 something degrees and actually (briefly…like done in 5 minutes) snowing. Hey it’s a big deal for people in Atlanta, even if I’m originally from Boston and have seen much worse.

Anyways, yesterday I was wandering around at the local large department store and came across something that looked so cool. I’m not a big shopper nor “in the know” on fashion, but finding this made my day.

They were knitted gloves that had the finger tops removed, but also had a little mitten-like cover to flip over. They have probably been out for years, but they were “new to me”.

Oh they were on sale for like $8 too.

I tell you, I only got these yesterday and am already wearing the heck out of them. I can use my laptop with them on, drive, eat, do whatever and keep my hands warm. These have made me smile for absolutely no other reason than I look at them and think one thing…”little victories”.

Maybe that is the real key to a happy life, fill it with all your “little victories”.

‎Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win ~ Jonathan Kozel

So many of us strive for such big things, but how long does it take to accomplish them? Are we just setting ourselves up for burnout and failure by not allowing us to feel “happy” through accomplishment more often?

A good example for me has been in writing the 2 Meal ebook (with my quick “pimp” that it is now coming out on Kindle Jan 31st…so excited!). When I tried to just “write a whole book” day after day, I felt inspired for a bit…then overwhelmed little by little…which lead to times of the dreaded writer’s block and burnout.

I learned the hard way that I was setting myself up for that. So I changed up my strategy to a “chapter a day”. No more, no less. Just write a chapter, proof, and walk away. I felt good. I was happy having “accomplished” my goal. I kept doing it day after day and I enjoyed it. Pretty soon…the book was done.

All those “little victories” added up to the bigger goal.

(Heck just writing and getting this post out today is another “little victory”, and a habit I aim to get into with my blogging with quick, short and more often)

Now you can also take that “little vistories” attitude to how you exercise and eat too.

The diet and fitness industry in my opinion has done a great job to promote such “extreme” stuff, that it only sets people up for burnout. If I have learned anything in all my years as a trainer, is that results come even from the simplest of workouts and eating…when they are done consistently!

You don’t need “extreme” day after day, as it’s not even that sustainable  (or enjoyable).

Instead just shoot for simple solutions. Start with a 10 min walk every morning. Create that “little victory”. You may not burn a ton of calories to start, but that is not the purpose. Build upon something. Make it 15..30 min over time. Create a sustainable active lifestyle foundation.

When you feel good about doing something so simple, it will translate over to other areas of your daily life (such as in “choosing” to eat better foods too…as it is always your daily choice).

You can also just do a simple 10 min bodyweight circuit. Stop thinking it always needs to be 45 min at the gym, it really doesn’t. Be it in for the long run, with all those “little victories” that do add up.

I challenge you to start your day off with 25-50 pushups, every day. Grow from there. Feel good right from the start! Don’t get sidetracked, don’t hit the shower first, just do your pushups and smile when you are done. The rest of your day will now start off on that positive note.

Same goes for eating. Make each meal of “real foods” a little victory you can build on. Learn a new recipe for the day and rejoice in making real food taste so good (well not all experiments may turn out so great…but trying and learning is a little victory in itself).

If you want to have lived a life worth remembering, create all those little victories and appreciate them for what they are. Enjoy simple times with friends, playing with your kids, taking the dog for a walk, reading a good book, and even just taking time out to sit quiet and enjoy your life at that moment.

Life is really quite fun and simple, if we allow it to be. It’s only ourselves that always seem to make everything so urgent, complicated and stressful. Time to take back control with your “little vistories”!

PS. I just got on Twitter (loving how people can connect there) and just found out about “hashtags”. So if you are also on Twitter, try going there and search for #littlevictories to read what others are finding good in life every day. It’s quite fun!

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