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Editor Note: Today is a guest post from another Intermittent Fasting blogger by the name of Martin Berkhan. Martin has been getting great results with some of his clients using IF (especially those wanting to put on quality muscle while doing it). It’s my hope to bring together IF bloggers in the common goal of getting the truth and message out there to people about what can be done. This is just one example of a way that can get people results. Remember that IF is a lifestyle choice with such great potential for health and fitness benefits, and you can control how it works for your activity level, your goals and your healthy and happy lifestyle! Hope you enjoy.

Sure Fire Fat Loss

My name is Martin Berkhan and I work as a nutritional consultant, magazine writer and personal trainer. I also happen to be a proponent of intermittent fasting for health, fitness and fat loss. I have my own blog about fasting (, but when Mike asked me if I’d like to make a guest post on his blog, I thought that’d be a great way to present my method in greater detail.

The Leangains protocol consists of two phases; 16 hours of fasting, followed by 8 hours of feeding. During this period, three meals are usually eaten. Depending on the day, the composition of those meals varies; on workout days, carbs are prioritized before fat, while on rest days fat intake is higher. Protein remains fairly high on all days. That’s a very basic and general description of the protocol I employ; of course, variables change depending on goals, gender, age, body fat and activity levels, but it would be hard to describe it in greater detail without drifting off too far.

Most of my clients are fitness enthusiasts, athletes and weight trainers, but the great majority of them have one thing in common ‘ to look good naked. The ‘gain’ in Leangains can therefore be a bit misleading, as most of my clients wants to lose fat, while retaining as much muscle as possible in the process. While their diets might vary, it rests on some nutritional principles that I thought I’d present to the crowd reading this post. These principles will work for everyone, regardless of fitness level.

Here are a few guidelines that I consider success factors for performance, fat loss and excellent diet compliance.

These are a few of the principles I’ve employed with great success; there’s a bit more to it, but this should get you started in the right direction.

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