Intermittent Fasting has a New Name….Intermittent Feeding

For a long time I’ve used the initials “IF” to stand for “Intermittent Fasting”, but from now on I’m also going a different route. “IF” will now also be known as “Intermittent Feeding”! From this point on (although the science backs up the health and fat loss benefits for “fasting”), we are also going to focus on “feeding”. Eating real foods, enjoying what we eat and using that with an IF protocol.

Why the change?

The focus of IF should be on eating, eating healthy and enjoying food.

The focus of IF should be on eating, eating healthy and enjoying food.

The idea came to me as I was finishing up and revising my ebooks. I was looking at talking about IF with the focus on “fasting” and was reminded of all the mainstream negative reactions that come with that.

People saying things like “Oh you are starving yourself”….or “That’s just crash dieting”. I decided if I was going to go more mainstream I wanted to avoid all the preconceived negative notions that came along with it.

IF is not about starvation, it’s not about crash dieting, and it’s not about quick weight loss (even if results may happen quickly for some).

To me it’s all about a lifestyle and lasting approach to improving your health, redefining your relationship with food, to reduce unnatural cravings, get back in tune with the natural survival design of our bodies, optimizing your glucose energy metabolism (which will in turn make you more effective in burning, and not storing, fat) and just an easy and simple approach to lasting results.

Heck people are out there breaking through weight loss plateaus just using IF and not changing up anything else!

So from now on….the “F” in “IF” should also be about “Feeding”. We are going to focus on eating (even if it is with a more condensed eating window daily). The fasting part of course does happen, but this is not where I want most people’s focus to be (especially those new to the concept). Food is still going to be vital to our health.

Taking it to the Streets


Look out world....I'm now going to start giving you the truth and a simple way to eat...are you ready?

I’ve always believed in the potential of IF for anyone to use since I first came across it many many years ago. Having trained people over the years, I know realistically what people will and will not do.

All those complicated eating protocols (6 meals a day, measured portions, etc) may work for some, but for many it’s just not an easy nor realistic lasting approach (as they will not keep this up). So what good is a plan for eating if you are not going to stick with it?

Along came IF and it’s simplistic approach to actually getting results, improving energy moods, and a sense of freedom from all the complicated approaches that are seen everywhere.

I truly believed this was something people needed to know about as it really was so simple but had so much great potential to help people find a lifestyle that did work for them (and had so many other health benefits as well!).

So now with the final completion of my ebooks and coaching audio files (almost a year in the works), I am taking to spreading the word full time! No more working as training in gyms for me, from now on my career is going out there and trying to help spread the simple message of IF and how it can be a simple and rewarding lifestyle for most anyone out there (when used correctly of course). Real solutions for real people is my new motto!

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