Health Starts in the Gut. What to do about Leaky Gut Syndrome.



“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life” – William Londen

The Gut – Your Center for Health and Wellness Starts Here

Our gut is a probably the most overlooked and overworked part of our body with all the responsibilities it has. A living environment of nerve endings, carefully balanced bacteria, and tightly weaved cells that digest food and handle/absorb it’s nutrients. Our gut has many important duties including:

So what can go wrong? Alot! First our nicely balanced bacteria balance we need can be disrupted. That along with other factors can lead to the gut getting inflamed. Now creating holes in that tightly woven cellular intenstinal lining, creating foreign bodies (undigested proteins and toxins) to now leak into the bloodstream, and finding home in our joints, organs, tissues, and brain. Our body’s always alert defenses (immune system) now see foreign invaders and send out a response to attack, creating an autoimmune condition. Your gut immune system is now compromised and now can not properly handle bacteria infection, growth, straining detoxification, stressing the liver, not absorbing nutrients efficiently and compromising the whole digestive process. That my friends is Leaky Gut… doesn’t that sound like something we might want to avoid?

Uh Oh, Something Has Gone Wrong, So How Do You Know?

Unfortunately we do not have alarm lights to go off, so our body gives us “symptoms” to which we are supposed to become aware of something is wrong and then fix the problem. Unfortunately for the most part we just tend to ignore these things and call them just “normal”, or even worse suppress them with medications and ignore them as trouble build up and something worse may be around the corner. Leaky gut symptoms can include:

So if any of those things sound familiar (and I would be willing to say most of us can say they do), those are your first warnings of something could be wrong, and the first place to always start is with the gut. (total gut health including what we are putting in our gut, aka food and drinks)

It Can’t be All that Bad, Could It?

So how bad could it really be you ask? We all have fatigue and headaches. We all have joint pain. Isn’t that just called getting older? Well I don’t know who came up with that line but I would like to age, but never get older! Remember these could be just little warnings that if not taken care of can lead to bigger issues. Conditions that could be linked with Leaky Gut Syndrome include:

What Went Wrong?

Contributors to Leaky Gut Syndrome can include:

So many factors from so many different sources, what are we to do? Well by taking preventative measures and allowing time for the gut to heal, we can hopefully reverse this condition and calm down any possible symptoms from it.

Ok, So What Can I Do?

How to live for healthy gut:

Your gut health should be a #1 priority because as the saying goes, you are what you eat. Could it really be that simple? Could our health really just be all about what we eat? In some ways….Yes it is simple, but that message has gotten lost somehow. Tell a friend to clean up their gut, who knows…you might just make them healthy in the process.


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