Lessons from Luigi. How to Live to 102.

Who doesn't want to live long and be happy?

Who doesn't want to live long and be happy?

This is an interesting story about a man named Luigi Cornaro who overcame his own illness and lived to the ripe old age 102. Apparently here’s a man who discovered CR back in the 14th century as a lifestyle choice for better health. Here’s a pretty good overview about Luigi from Wikipedia:

Alvise (Luigi) Cornaro (1464-1566) was a Venetian nobleman who wrote treatises on dieting, including Discorsi della Vita Sobria (Discourses on the Sober Life). Finding himself near death at the age of forty, Cornaro modified his eating habits on the advice of his doctors and began to adhere on a calorie restriction diet. Twelve ounces of solid food and fourteen ounces of wine was the daily allowance he allowed for himself initially. He later reduced his daily food intake to no more solid meat than an egg.

Let us see more about his story from this main article on his life.

Let’s look at Luigi Cornaro, a man who at age 35 was weak, sick, and dying. At the time, he consulted the medical heads of Genoa, Italy. He asked the doctors, “What can I do?” Finally, one smart doctor said, “Look, Luigi,” (Luigi was a nobleman) “cut down on your riotous living, stop the drinking, cut out the rich food, eat as little as you can, and don’t abuse your body. You can get well.”

When he died, he died in an ideal way. He was in his rocking chair. He closed his eyes, took a nap, and didn’t wake up. There was no pain or suffering, ever. His mind was clear as a bell until the very end, no senility, no memory loss. Indeed, one of the things he wrote about in his discourses was that his hearing and vision were perfect He retained all his senses. That’s something you don’t see today.

Luigi ate a little meat; he ate an egg yolk; he had panado, which was a vegetable soup with a little tomato; he had grape juice; and he had bread. He used to dip the bread in the soup. That was his diet. That’s all he ate. He didn’t want to eat fish because it didn’t agree with him, and he didn’t eat chicken. He ate a little meat. On that diet, which we natural nutritionists would call low quality, he lived to 102.

an individual who was dying at 40 years of age brought himself to a state of good health in less than one year, and through the careful exercise of self-control prolonged his life to 102 years of age with the full preservation of all his faculties to the very end. The living of each day was a joy in his life at all times.

The amount of food necessary to sustain life. Since the quantity of food needed to maintain excellent health and spirits is so small, it is rather shocking to realize that all of us, with very few exceptions, overeat and produce an endless array of miseries in our lives in both mental and physical afflictions.

Our states of mind are dependent upon our health and closely related to the amount of food we consume. Dejection and melancholy are a projection into our conscious minds from our inner environment. Exhaustion of our energies by the excessive labors involved in metabolizing excess food reflects in our minds as melancholy, depression and negativity.

The KEY to health and happiness is inextricably associated with the QUANTITY of food we consume daily.

Each morsel we consume beyond what is absolutely necessary to sustain life, wastes physical and mental energy at a fearful rate. If any single factor were to be considered as the most important for health and happiness, this would be it. Those who are compulsive overeaters should study, restudy and ponder deeply upon this question, for herein is contained the key to the solution of most of their daily problems. ……

Quite an interesting story about someone who was able to heal himself and live long without all the science, research and other medical advanatges of today. From his story there are important points to really take notice….and then see how they can apply to our lives.

“To state it clearly, the inevitable conclusion was: “eat what you like, when you like and die young.””

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