Listen to Real People, not Celebrities or Ads

The health and fitness industry/market is billions of dollars. Everywhere you see are gyms, commercials on TV full of exercise contraptions, countless diet books, new magical supplements and other ways that are supposed to get you to lose weight.

All wanting one thing, for you to spend money on them!

Hey, I’m all for spending money on something that works, but those are the key words…”that works”.

What good is paying for a gym membership if you never go?

Do you really think you’ll have ripped abs in 30 days like the guy on the commercial after using that ab pole/stick/club/swing (or insert some other noun here)?

Does anyone ever look like the woman in the “after” picture on the website promoting some super secret berry pill?

We are a society that is spending millions upon millions on stuff that isn’t working.

Maybe it is time to realize that advertisements are not real endorsements. That fitness prosĀ never have used the equipment they are shown using on TV. Supplement companies pay models to hold up their product. That famous Hollywood people get paid millions to promote some diet company. All of them, actors!

Have no fear, as there are solutions out there that do actually work!

You find them from real people. People like you that have a day job and aren’t getting paid to workout or diet every day. Look around and see what people are talking about, and you will start to see the answers.

The internet is great for that. Although you will get your fair share of “fake” sites (blogs and news sites) that are promoting something, there are still many real people telling you what does work.

Wherever you find real people coming together and talking, listen to what they are saying. Do what all those companies with big advertising budgets are afraid of, ignore famous people/ads andĀ start thinking for yourself.

Just watch the video below, as the fitness model tells it like it is. That “you should be smarter” if you think all he used was that supplement.

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