Longer Fasting for Cleansing and Healing?

Ok, was going to wait a while to get into this but seems it is fitting into my own personal schedule as I am looking to do a 3 day fast. But let’s just quickly overview the longer fasting benefits.

Health in my mind is simple and based on a cellular level. So a healing process would be anything we can do to help cleanse cells, clear away waste from metabolic processes, detox those wastes from the body, and increase cellular rebuilding.

Sounds like fasting to me. The longer one can fast, the more resources/energy the body can put into that process and the deeper the cleaning can get.

Imagine your body is a house, if you have only 3 hours to clean up you just throw stuff in a closet and make it look nice. If you have a couple days, you clean out drawers, get that dust from behind the dresser, scrub down the floors…..essentially a deeper cleaning. So in a simple sense, longer fasts also allow your body to clean and repair on a deeper level. Longer fasts can:

Now like anything, more is not always better. Your body wants food, vitamins, minerals and the like. Many people have varied what they do on longer fasts such as only juice fasts (from freshly juiced fruits and veg…although one has to avoid lots of sugar in that routine for real health benefits), water only (with lemon or apple cider vinegar), raw foods (only raw fruits and veg), and other versions (like protein shakes with flaxseed oil for weeks).

All in all, each can have it’s own benefit. Personally I don’t want to go too long without protein as muscle can be wasted. Water only fasts are really tough and can drain you to the point you may have no energy to do stuff or so cranky no one will want to be around you (plus you want to get enzymes, vitamins, minerals into your body to help rebuild at some point too).

So now comes my own personal plan. I have had a shoulder injury and wrist/hand injury both from hockey that have been lingering around for 4-5 weeks (of course I am still playing). Now everything was going ok till I got railed (in a non contact league no less) into the boards last night and snap my wrist back causing a huge amount of pain and basically now making my wrist useless for (keep the jokes to yourself on this one) bending or putting pressure on anything.

If one is to believe the body can heal itself, now I have to wonder can I speed up injury healing process with a fast of some sort? Well I’m going to give it a shot…and was looking to do a 3 day fast soon anyways for deeper cell cleaning, so all the timing seems to workout. I haven’t decided on how I will do the 3 days, I think today will be water/acv/lemon only (with my morning Americano), days 2 and 3 maybe a mix of a protein shake with some fresh juicing (low sugar like apple and celery). Keeping digestion as minimal as possible while also keeping my energy still high to do things. I don’t believe it will be a miracle cure for my injury but at least it should do some deeper cell cleaning that is probably needed a couple times a year.

I’ll update you as I go, but if I get a bit cranky in the next day….at least you will know why. 🙂

photo by svanes

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