Longevity Tips for Every Day Life


As we talk about health, nutrition and fitness as it relates to longevity, one thing we have to remained focus on is the total lifestyle of a person as well. Could lifestyle actually be the biggest factor when it comes to how long we live (outside of genes)? Here’s some great articles on people living long and what they have in common:

“Dan, these Nicoyans are so incredible,” she answered. “They are so positive and so devoted to their families. All but one of the 33 Nicoyans we have met live with their family.” Elizabeth was looking at me, gesticulating as we walked. “They have a wonderful support network. They also tend to have a large number of visitors that they receive almost every afternoon, which is both a physical and psychological safety net.”

she resumed brightly. Then, with the optimism characteristic of many centenarians, she concluded, “I am a blessed woman today.”

“I was alone with this lovely, magical person,” she began. “She doesn’t live in a nice home. She’s so poor yet so satisfied with what she has. There was a total acceptance.

Taken from a story about centurians living n Costa Rice. The whole article is here.

Another interesting story in the NY Times is an interview with Dr Nir Barzilai and his study on centurians, he said:

Q. Are you looking for the genetic markers for longevity?

A. Yes, and we’ve found several so far. The most important thing we’ve found is that most centenarians have a lot more than average H.D.L. proteins, the good cholesterol, in their blood. Also, they had a lot more of them when they were younger, because their children have a lot more than their peers do. Also, size matters with the protein molecules. Eighty percent of the children of the centenarians had larger than average high density lipoproteins.

We know that eating whole foods (proteins, health fats, fruits, vegetables) and exercise with raise HDL levels. But also:

The most common thing this group had is that they did not reveal any particular lifestyle secret for their own longevity. When asked specifically, none has exercised. None was a vegetarian. Not a single one ate yogurt throughout his life.

Very interesting….and one last article in the Washington post on a study of older adults and longer living had this to say:

A new study of healthy older people found that the more active a person is, the longer he or she is likely to live. That alone is not terribly surprising. What’s new is that it apparently doesn’t matter what form the activity takes.

Ok, so from all these articles what is really the take home message? Well there are a few but we see the following trends in longer living people:

So on that note….a few ideas that you can use to make your lifestyle more stress free, active and hopefully increase your longevity.

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