My 2013 Resolution…Improving on Silence

Don’t speak unless you can improve the silence. ~ Spanish Proverb (Click to Tweet)

I’ve been writing here at the IF Life since 2008, and have enjoyed spreading info and helping people from the beginning.

Sadly though I ran into a bit of a writer’s block in the last year, as I felt I had said everything that needed to be said in big articles. My updates became a bit more scarce, as I didn’t want to sacrifice quality in my writings.

I also believe in keeping things simple and only focusing on what really matters, not hyping the details that do very little (other than make you obsess over them that is).

So things got silent for a while.

But I also realized that silence may not be helping anyone either. So I took time to really reflect on what would best help you (the reader) going forward in 2013.

I’m a fan of “less is more”, a long time minimalist at heart, and find daily musings of people like Seth Godin do more to inspire me than some lengthy post with too many action items.

I love to write, and find it much more enjoyable to do in smaller “bursts” (much like my workouts..and eating).

So that’s what you can expect in 2013. Continued quality of information in a more frequent and focused fashion.

Weekly bite sized bits of insight, tips, reminders, motivation, research and action items.

I also plan to expand the “community” interaction with more direct Q&A and reader stories too. I consider this site not just my place to write but also a home for “everyone” who enjoys the way of the simple “IF” Lifestyle.

After all it is the small things that add up that really make the biggest impacts in our long term lifestyle and results. So that’s where I am going back to focus on.

Bigger topics will probably be broken up into a “series” of easily digestible parts (as reflection on what small actions to take right now matters).

As always you won’t see annoying sales pitches, hype or drama (usually done for more attention), “secrets” withheld, fluff articles or even any ads (third party) on the site. That’s not how I “roll” (as the kids say).

I don’t expect everything to be a “home-run” (as the “perfectionist” in me is something I need to overcome as well), but I’m here to keep you motivated and focus on the things that matter.

I also plan on more “action” orientated programs for 2013 (ongoing workouts, 30 day tutorials) to help you make progress one small step at a time.

I’m excited to get going and have lots of things I want to cover. Even have a new web-design for tutorials, easy browsing of “best” articles and optimized for mobile/tablet reading coming very soon.

Hope you enjoy all that is to come!

You can subscribe (or change subscription options) to the articles/updates via email, RSS, and Twitter (I’m also on Facebook but find it a less reliable way to get the updates).

If you grow tired of me (or better yet no longer “need” me because you are now your own expert), then you can unsubscribe at any time. I promise, no hard feelings. 🙂

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