See What Real People Out There are Saying About Using an “IF Life”style

Below are just a sampling from the comments left on my blog about “IF” over the years about real people being able to find real results (and happiness)! Even though many were looking mainly for weight loss, there were also other benefits to be found such as increased energy, increased strength and freedom from obsessive eating habits. (Disclaimer: results may vary by person)

“My clothes are very loose, and I am much leaner. And people keep telling me how great I look…I feel like a kid again!”

Hi Mike,

My name is Sheila and I am 50 years old.

I started reading about IF and decided to do it. It’s the 1st “diet” I have ever done (and I’ve done them all) that was actually easy. And it works. But most people don’t except it. I have more energy and I am stronger than ever and I’ve lost weight. Even though I don’t weigh myself my clothes are very loose, and I am much leaner. And people keep telling me how great I look.

I’ve always struggled w/my weight. Since I was a young girl. I mostly kept it under some control by diets and working out, but it was definitely yo yo-ing up 20lbs down 20lbs like every year. It was crazy. then about 9 mos ago I started to follow recommendations on natural eating and on IF and voila! Simple~~so easy.. no problems at all. I feel fabulous. I feel like a kid again. I have so much energy. But like I said most people don’t want to hear about IF. And unless you try it , it is hard to convince people after all the years of mainstream media harping about every thing wrong in your face 24/7. So that’s my story. If you want to ask any question feel free.


“I am not a slave to food or worrying what I am going to eat next”

I drove myself CRAZY trying to watch my calories/protein/fat/carbs 6 times a day! IF is FREEING!! I have a small protein/fat snack at about 17 hours and then a good late lunch and dinner. I eat smart, smaller portions, protein with reduced carbs and am surprisingly full!! IF is the best thing.

I am not a slave to food or worrying what I am going to eat next because my BRAIN tells me to eat instead of my stomach! This is G R E A T!! When you are a child it is good to graze, as an adult IF is the way to go!


“Knocked off 10lbs….have lots of energy! “

I have been following the IF plan for a little over two months now and have seen great results. I have knocked off 10 lbs. and several inches off of my waist. I have lots of energy.

So far, I have seen no negatives to IF. I highly recommend it.


“Consistent weight loss…feel great!”

I’ve been doing IF Condensed Window since January 5th. I also concentrate on real food, not sugar, carbs or processed food. Lots of good meat, veggies and fruit. I drink water and unsweetened green tea.

I feel great, don’t have any unbearable cravings, and feel like I have more energy during the day.

It really simplifies the day. I’m experiencing a consistent weight loss of about one pound a week, with a noticeable reduction in body fat.

I’m convinced IF is the best eating plan for me to reduce weight and maintain health and strength.


“Lost 30lbs….and getting stronger!”

I love the IF lifestyle. I’ve been doing it on and off for about 5 months and every time i go off it for a more “traditional” 6 meals a day program i can totally feel it.

I’m in school to be a personal trainer and people look at me so weird…Then i explain it to them and they look at me even weirder, But you can’t deny the results.

I’ve lost 30lbs while jumping my deadlift from 405lbs to 505lbs. Losing weight and getting stronger got to love it.


“IF is kicking fat-loss into overdrive!”

Wasn’t sure it was the best idea but I did a workout of seven single deadlifts today. Set multiple PRs on the way so lack of food in my stomach didn’t hinder my strength. I’ve done metcons on an empty stomach but this was my first fasted heavy weight workout.

I’ve been doing IF for the past month, and have lost almost 10 pounds. Was doing the Zone for a month before that and lost a pound or two but IF is kicking fat-loss into overdrive. Love it!


“Takes the urge right away (for compulsive overeating)”

I’ve had tendencies to compulsive overeat. This seems to take the urge right away.

I have a goal and by the time it’s time to eat, I want something nutritious. I never thought I could go 24 hours because of low blood sugar.

I had zero problems. It’s really amazing.


“I believe I will eat this way forever…this is so liberating!”

I just started IFing 2 weeks ago, so its not that… rather, the eating disorder (ED).

I HAD an ED for many years (bulimia) which I got help for about 4 years ago but it really only kept the symptoms at bay. I always felt, even years later, like I was always struggling with food.

I had read about IF and balked because of my past history -of being on a diet *forever*, of being obsessed with “clean eating”, portions and measurements and timing RULING my life, and that was if I was “good”. If I was “bad”, and ate too early/late/cheerios/a starburst…. whatever, all hell broke loose, I ate and then compensated with 15 mile run the next day with very little food.

SO I gained some weight 15lbs or so going off the bulimia roller coaster-just thought well, this is the trade-off. I wasn’t pleased with the extra weight, but it was better than freaking out over food all the time.

But I dreaded dieting. I was free from that, relatively speaking. Enter IF- good god, this is NOTHING like my ED. No more watching the clock to see if “its time” holy cow, my BODY now tells me when its time to eat. Who knew?

I am trying not to watch the scale too closely, I took tape measurements instead and even though its been only 2 weeks, I see a difference in my arms, god my delts are awesome and the sweetest part … I ENJOY eating again.

I love to cook but always struggled with designing clean entrees and portions and blah de blah… now I’m eating mostly Paleo (real foods) and it is sheer pleasure.

As I write this I know I have come such a long way- I am very proud of myself and I believe I will eat this way forever. I look forward to posting with an update in a few weeks/months. This is so damn liberating.


“Losing the lbs that were gained from the 6x/day plan”

I have tried the six small meal a day plan as I exercised two hours a day and I not only ended up totally warn out but gaining weight.

I did the whole high fiber a ton of spinach thing! I ended up feeling clogged up and bloated, feeling I desperately needed to give my stomach a break.

I have way more energy and I even feel stronger. I cut down to working out one hour a day and still losing the access pounds I gained from the insane six small meal a day plan.

Thanks again for putting science to the test and bringing us back to the reality that moderation is the key!


“Stabilized blood sugar…reduced inflammation…poundage drifted off my body!”

Since adapting to IF and continued research, I have come to the conclusion that it is healthy and it strengthens the body as opposed to weakening it.

When I eat, I eat all the food I want without worrying about overeating. I always eat healthy foods that contribute to insulin stability and ketone production.

Usually my cravings are low carb related and I do crave some weird things since I have been IF. This past summer,for example, I craved baked chicken thighs stuffed with brie and blueberries. I had never even had those but I craved them so I made them.

Craving was satisfied and I created a gourmet meal.

I have learned to really let my body speak to me and I follow its orders. I have stabilized my blood sugars, reduced inflammation while increasing ketones. I can function throughout the day without concentrating on food. The plus side, I lost 26 lbs since April of 2007. The poundage drifted off my body.


“Feel so fit and free!”

IF has taken my physical strength and enjoyment of food to a whole other level! I feel so fit and free, especially since I’m no longer chained to ‘social eating times’.

A very handy thing when you are rushing around for the bulk of the day!


“I have not been this weight since I was in my 20s!”

So far I am down about 28lbs total. I checked my bodyfat this week and it seems that I actually gained a little lean body mass so cutting back on the cardio was definitely a good idea.

The IF + Paleo + HIIT/Resistance Training is paying off big time. I have not been this weight since I was in my twenties.

I still have a way to go before I make it to my goal weight but I am encouraged by the results I have achieved so far.


“Lost almost 20lbs…have more energy”

I like IF-ing, I’ve already lost almost 20 pounds with following an IF-regimen, eating more healthy and working out.

I also feel better, have more energy during the day, can perform better than I could before, etc


“Feel healthier and stronger”

Hey Mike – I have been doing IF for about 4 weeks now. I think its awesome, and I feel so much healthier and stronger.


“I eat like I was born to…and lost 24lbs”

I have been doing IF consistently for 2 years.

I don’t believe in eating light…ever. I eat like the cave woman I was born to be. For example when I break my fast, I will have steak, eggs. I will also have whey powder stirred into sour cream and black berries for dessert. My favorite addition to my lifestyle has been MCT oil and coconut oil.

Although low carbing has helped greatly with my migraines, GURD, achy joints. Adding IF has completely rid my body of any residual ailments. Adding fats to fasting just increases the ketosis and is a wonderful energy giver.

Also, I lost about 24 lbs since beginning IF.


“Lost 5Kgs (11 lbs) and feel great”

Hello Mike, thanks for introducing us to the IF lifestyle.

I have been doing IF, since I read this article in March, so far I have lost 5 Kgs and I feel great.


“More energy in the mornings…mood is alot better”

I recently started the IF and I have already seen benefits.

I used to feel really sluggish in the morning as I was very strict on having a proper breakfast. My sluggishness resulted in my chugging down like 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning.

Now as I have started IF, I have more energy in the mornings, my mood is alot better.


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