Roll the Dice “Pick 2” Daily Workout

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What is your fitness lifestyle like? What do you do each day to help improve it? Do you make things more complicated than they need to be? Are you just hopping from one program to the next with nothing to show from them in the long run?

I’m here to change that.

Sustainable, intense and consistent…the 3 keys to any solid fitness program. Now I’m going to share with you one of mine that I do daily.

Simple Does Work

The best part of the “Pick 2” is how simple it is. Don’t let the simplicity fool you though, it can be a great workout and make significant changes to your physique over time (of course diet plays a big role here as well).

The concept is that you just pick 2 exercises and then perform them in a circuit. No gym or complicated equipment needed.

Told you it was simple, but that’s the way I like my workouts. Simplicity allows me to stay consistent (and not burnout).

Do it at home, in the park, while watching TV…whenever and wherever you want. There are no more excuses accepted from this point on.

Let the Dice “Pick 2”

Exercise selection is left up to the roll of the dice, no thinking involved (which suits me just fine first thing in the morning!).

Just roll a dice twice. The number on the first roll is exercise #1 and the number on the second roll is exercise #2.

Of course you will need a simple master list of what number corresponds to which exercise. I also recommend doing splits for exercise #1 and #2 with different movement choices to keep more variety and also give specific muscles a chance for more recovery between workouts.

So just get a sheet of paper, and write down your six exercises for #1 and #2. Here’s what I have for mine.

Roll #1: Upper Body

The first roll is an upper body based movement. I made my list with all the different “push” and “pull” movements according to horizontal and vertical planes. My #1-6 are as followed:

  1. pushups
  2. pullups
  3. dips
  4. inverted body rows (using bars/rings)
  5. handstand press
  6. upright band row

Of course your list can vary on what you choose, and can even be dependent on the equipment you have available. One example is using a good resistance band to sub out for, such as a standing band row instead of inverted body rows. This is something I also do time to time.

Also make sure to scale according to your own ability. There is always room to improve on your strength over time (if you stay consistent that is).

Roll #2: Lower Body/HR

The second roll is focused more on lower body movements and more “explosive” or higher “heart rate” ones. Here’s my choices:

  1. body squats
  2. stepback alternating lunges
  3. hip bridges (floor)
  4. burpees (yeah!!)
  5. mountain climbers
  6. knees to elbows (done hanging from bar/rings)

For squats and lunges I also tend to start off slow but then work into more explosive versions towards the end (a great finisher). Again, choose what is doable for your level of ability and equipment options.

The Circuit Options

There are 2 main type of circuit options, and which you choose is completely up to you. For this example the total time of your workout is 10 minutes.

Personally I like to use the time intervals with short rest as it motivates me to keep going, allows me to up the intensity through more glycolitic pathways (higher lactate responses), and doesn’t interfere with my strength training based workouts later in the day.

Silly as it may sound I also don’t want to focus on counting anything while I am working out…just get in the zone and push it. I have my interval timer to buzz when it is time to stop and go again.

Set Interval Timer, Roll the Dice and Go!

Now just do it for 5-10 minutes….daily! This is about getting in the habit of moving your body. Too many people are always looking for complex and long workouts as the answer, but never do anything on a day to day basis.

The secret to being in good shape and staying that way is just simple consistency (plus intensity)! You can add in more advanced strength programming or longer workouts here and there…but your day to day sustainable active lifestyle is very important.

Other Tips and Tricks

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