Secrets to Hacking the BBQs and Parties, while Still Burning the Fat!


This is NOT going to be another boring list of how to pick healthy foods at a BBQ/party, lose weight while dieting, blah..blah..blah……we all know that stuff….so here’s a guide on how you can use those BBQs/parties to your advantage and get leaner in the process. Like a bodybuilder getting ready for a show, they plan ahead and know what to do to peak on stage. Now you can still have a life with friends and family and not be that person sitting in the corner munching on celery sticks.

Step 1: Ramp down your carbs the days before a planned event/party. This means taking them down as low as you can while still having enough energy to function.

Step 2: No strength training the days before….we will get to the workout later

Step 3: Use those pre-party days to do more “cardio” like lifestyle activity….walking, hiking, biking… stuff. For those wanting more fat loss you can split it up into AM and PM sessions.

Step 4: Eat plenty of fish containing higher Omega 3s (salmon, sardines, herring) on the days before (burn some extra fat and help retain muscle in the process too)

Step 5: Do a “glycogen draining” workout ideally the morning of (or the evening before at latest). By glycogen draining I mean your goal is not muscle breakdown or strength, but sapping every bit of glycogen out of your muscles. This is best done with a full body circuit picking a compound exercise for your chest, back, legs (quads, hams), shoulders and even arms. This can be a bodyweight circuit or one in the gym. Each set for an exercise should be about 40sec in duration (which will turn out to be 10-15 reps of a challenging weight without reaching 100% failure). Repeat the full circuit 2-3x.

Sample Bodyweight/Band Circuit (adjusting resistances as needed, keeping tempo under control with 2-3 seconds on the negative part and 1 sec on the positive):

Or you could also hit the gym and do:

Step 6: Go to the party ready to eat!

Step 7: Start off with Watermellon….for an extra “pump” and increased nutrient delivery:

The red flesh and especially the white rind are high in the amino acid citrulline. Citrulline is an amino acid that gets converted to arginine to produce nitric oxide (NO), which can help increase blood flow to your muscles, delivering nutrients, hormones and oxygen to them, as well as a bigger pump. The red flesh is a great source (even higher than tomatoes) of lycopene, the heart-healthy antioxidant that also fends off many types of cancers. If you want to live bigger for longer, then add watermelon to your diet.

Source: “14 natural anabolics: power foods that act like supplements”; Flex Magazine, May, 2004 by Jim Stoppani (Yes I did just quote something useful from Flex magazine….)

Step 8: Eat carbs, some protein and avoid the high fat stuff (mayo loaded dishes). Eat small and often as you like. Use the steady intake of carbs to now replenish those muscles screaming for more glycogen and also boost your “fat burning” hormone leptin levels (which are only increased with intakes of carbohydrates, not fat). Fat at this point and time just gets in the way of muscle glycogen replenishment (and when your muscles get fuller, you will start to look more defined)

CHO OF (Carbohydrate Overfeeding) increased plasma leptin concentrations by 28%, and 24 h EE by 7%. Basal metabolic rate and the energy expended during physical activity were not affected. FAT OF did not significantly change plasma leptin concentrations or energy expenditure.

Source: Effects of short-term carbohydrate or fat overfeeding on energy expenditure and plasma leptin concentrations in healthy female subjects

Step 9: Enjoy!…..Eating, socializing and feeling like you are burning fat, pumping up those muscles and all while still being able to enjoy the day at the party/BBQ.

Step 10: IF for the day after. Feeling bloated? Then you can help reset your eating and attitude with a good short IF day (intermittent fasting). Let your digestive system recover and then continue on with your week.

There’s a quick way to “prep” yourself….as you can enjoy good foods and company if you think ahead. Remember the body doesn’t always think in terms of meal to meal, but looks at the overall picture over days……plan ahead and anything is possible. So go enjoy life…while being smart on how to do it!

If you have any tricks to add about how to “hack the BBQ”….please share them in the comments below.

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