Take Your “Next Best Step”

I’ve come to remember a simple motto I reflect on more often now, and one I would like to share with you. Something I think we both can easily remember and put into practice.

I likely didn’t invent it, and can’t remember where I may have heard it in the past (could be a combination of sayings)…but it’s simple and for me really hits home.

Take your “Next Best Step

If I could go back in time and tell my younger self how to eat and train, I would have done it all differently…but that can’t happen. So time to get over that idea and go forward.

Same applies for whatever weight loss diets you may have tried or exercise programs started and quit. Stop dwelling on it, as it is gone and over with.

What you do next is what matters, how you spend your time right now.

Take your “Next Best Step

Perfection is an illusion, doesn’t happen in real life. Life is in a dynamic state of change. Our schedules gets messed up, we work different hours, family responsibilities take priority and the days go on.

We all have our “off” days..or even maybe weeks.

Things can happen that will derail any diet or exercise program.

There is no “perfect” diet or program, just what you can do simply on a consistent basis. It all adds up. If you get derailed for a day, week or even a year, it’s over and done with.

Everything going forward is a new sheet of paper, waiting for you to write on. Forget New Years for changes, make them happen right “now”.

Take your “Next Best Step

The great news is I really don’t care what shape you are in right now either! (Let me explain a bit more…before you think me insane)

If you are already lean or carrying some extra lbs…it is still all the same to me. How you got there doesn’t matter, only what you are going to do next does.

You can even say that about your job, finances, relationships, or lifestyle. Where you are and how you got there is no longer worth complaining about. Dwelling on it won’t change a thing, only what you do next will.

Isn’t that liberating? Past excuses are gone and done. No one left to judge. You are in total control.

Take your “Next Best Step

You just ate a whole pizza? Went out for drinks with friends? Had too much chocolate cake? While I can’t say this is something I recommend to do often, it’s over and done with.

It happens to all of us. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t feel guilty. You’re not supposed to be perfect anyways. Just re-focus again.

Take your “Next Best Step

I don’t care what workout plan you are going to do after the holidays. Don’t say how great it will be once you go join that gym in a week. Instead tell me what you are going to do today.

Move more, make it simple and consistent. Grow from there. I don’t go to a gym anymore and I can make it happen.

Real fitness is a lifestyle, not some “extreme” 12 week workout (that most burn out on in week #2 anyways).

Open your front door, go for a walk, do some pushups or whatever you enjoy. Stop worrying about it having to be perfect and just be active today.

“I’ll start tomorrow” is a disease too many suffer from day after day.

Take your “Next Best Step

Don’t fear failure, in fact…don’t acknowledge failure. There are actions and results, then you adjust and take more actions.

No one is perfect remember? Everyone learns from actions taken, even if the results are not what we hoped for.

More forward. Enjoy being imperfect. Those who are called a “success” ¬†are just the ones who keep going forward and don’t give up.

Don’t be inactive in fear of failure. No one gets it right all the time. Even writing this article, I know it’s not going to be perfect. But I’m putting it out there as an action, and then will move on from there.

Take your “Next Best Step

Take time daily to just slow down. It’s a choice, it is possible, you can make it happen.

Quiet the noise. Turn off the TV. Put the cell phone on silent. Close the laptop. Breathe and relax. Believe it or not the world will somehow manage on without you for 10 or so minutes.

Reflect and focus on what you want to do in life. It won’t happen by chance.

Envision your ideal “sustainable” (not “extreme”) lifestyle for eating and exercise. Picture what you want to do for work or anything else. See it with absolute clarity. Get excited about it.

Now break it down into what one small daily step needs to happen today to get closer to it. Small enough to accomplish, big enough to matter.

Do this each day. Your life is just a summation of all the little steps you took along the way.

Life’s a journey, not some destination. We all get flat tires along the way. You fix it and move on, back to enjoying the ride. It all starts with one simple thing….

Take your “Next Best Step

Repeat hourly…daily…monthly…and for a lifetime.

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