Best of the Past: Things Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You

Is your trainer really telling you everything you need to know?

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2008. Part of our “Best of the past” series time to time will include reviewing and updating some of our top old posts for everyone to re-read (or read for the first time in many cases). Enjoy!

Having been a trainer myself for years and years I can tell you that I have met some great smart trainers, and some I’m not even sure how they got certified. Most people seem to trust their trainers 100% when it comes to advice on how to get into shape, yet isn’t the information only as good as the source it comes from?

Some trainers may have a Masters in exercise physiology and others may have no formal background in fitness. While a degree is one thing, the ability to get results is another.

Trainers are also in the business of training, so there is incentive to keeping people around month after month. So here are some things that you may not be getting from your trainer….but I believe you need to know.

and now (drum roll please) to finish off, I give you the top 10 warning signs on when you need to fire your personal trainer (and find a new one).

  1. Your routines change up so much you never allow for any progression of weight for exercises (or can’t remember what weights you use for any exercises)
  2. Your trainer likes to use alot of “toys” that he/she bought as the latest and greatest piece of equipment….and there is a new toy every month (shows where they are getting their education from….catalogs!)
  3. Your trainer starts you off with any abdominal exercises before using free weights (nothing like weakening your prime spinal stabilizers before going into compound movements, can you say injury?)
  4. You trainer answers their cell phone during your session
  5. Your trainer reads fitness magazines as their education (fitness magazines are marketed for people who don’t know how to get real results, if your trainer is one of them….then run away)
  6. Your trainer does not give you any direction or resources on how you should be eating (where most all the results come from remember?)
  7. Your trainer keeps you on isolation machines (if there is not any focus on compound full body movements, you are not getting the education you need about good exercise)
  8. You spend more time talking to him/her than working out (if you have enough time to talk for minutes in between sets and are not going for a max lift, you aren’t working out hard enough…or just killing time to make him/her justify charging you for an hour)
  9. You can’t get a good workout done in 30min (too much chatting going on? Or is your trainer just killing time with useless stuff to bill your more?)
  10. and lastly….my personal recent favorite sign….your trainer has a bio in the gym saying he has 15 years of “weight training” experience….and he is 25. (seriously true story…..I about fell over when I saw that one personally….wow….or as I said in response “Well I have played with a calculator since I was 5 but you don’t see me saying I’ve been an accountant for 30+ years”)

So to leave on a positive note, just remember this:

photo credit by damonabnormal

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