Trainer Tells All: Get Ripped and Ready for Summer

Get ready to get out and enjoy the warm weather!

Get ready to get out and enjoy the warm weather!

Are you ready for the summer pool season yet? Are you looking the way you want? Ready to get into your bikini? (guys I’m assuming you are not wearing a bikini, but who am I to judge) Well it’s never too late to get in summer shape right? So much like my past trainer tells all posts, I am going to focus on one thing today…no BS, to the point, and focused on getting you ripped and ready for summer.

So there you have it, keep it simple….keep it focused and you will lean out and look good at the beach. Think you need to workout more and not focus on nutrition, then be like most people and look flabby, skinny-fat and have flat muscles……as you waste your muscle and keep extra fat around thining more is better. The people that have the worst definition on their upper bodies and the biggest legs/butts are the “chronic cardio/jogger” people. More is not better, smarter is! Do it right the first time I say and then have plenty of time left over to do anything you want in life….including heading off to the tropics!

Disclaimer: All specific nutritional recommendations above are examples for informational purposes only and not a set diet plan (I am not a nutritionist or dietician). Use anything at your own risk and with common sense.

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