Trainer Tells…More…About What I Have Learned in Health and Fitness

Photo CC credit: Curtis Kennington

Without a doubt, my most popular article on the blog ever has been the Trainer Tells All post, with I can’t even tell you how many times it has been viewed (a ridiculously big number!).  People have asked for a “follow up”, which I always responded “Well I already told ‘all’, so what is left for me to say?” (in a joking tone).

My first “tell all” post came to me as I was out for a long mountain bike one day, and the random thoughts just started coming to me while being out in nature (mostly when I was stopped and just enjoying being outside, not while trying to dodge trees).

In keeping with the same inspiration source, I’ve been keeping notes over the last few weeks as things just “come to me” during the quiet moments of the day.

So in no particular order, here are some more thoughts…as the trainer tells “more”. Hope you enjoy as much as my first article from long ago!

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